Small Businesses Saving Money Through Globalization

  • Believe it or not, globalization is not just for the multinational companies with billions of dollars and offices all over the world. Using the globalization opportunities that are available to all businesses through the Internet, you can actually increase your bottom line as a small business as well.

    The number one concern of many businesses today is the labor cost. There is political pressure as well as market pressure to provide many things for employees that take away from your bottom line. Unfortunately for business owners, many times these responsibilities extend to former employees as well as current employees. However, there is a way that businesses can free themselves from the shackles of local and national politics.

    This freedom centers around the use of virtual employees through the Internet. It is now just as easy to have a virtual assistant in another country as it is to hire the new college graduate from across the street. Believe it or not, a remote or virtual assistant can perform all of the duties of a local assistant as well.

    If you have phone calls that need to be made, you can easily tell a virtual assistant across the world to make them. You can use cloud technology to easily get documents dictated or edited, from white papers to press releases. You can do all this for a substantial discount in the amount of money spent on labor.

    Many small businesses are taking full advantage of their ability to go virtual. They are using the extra money for search engine optimization or social media marketing, which is further establishing their brand online. This is the one way in which the small and medium-sized business community can share in the same types of profit margins as multinational companies.

    Globalization is also giving small businesses the opportunity to expand their customer base beyond the local area. As jobs go around the world, so does the name of the company. Many companies are finding that hiring individuals across the world is opening doors to commerce that they never thought would ever be available to them.