The Globalization of Science and Technology

  • The Globalization of Science and Technology

    Over the past century there has been exponential growth in both technology and science. Globalization quickly came into effect due to such rapid growth of technology. This has enabled the field of science to advance even more now that scientists and professors from all over the world can conduct experiments and share information instantaneously. The globalization of science has very few negative repercussions. It is proving to be very beneficial to the world and our environment.

    There is however a dark side to the rise of globalization concerning technological advances. With the widespread use of consumer electronics growing to astonishing levels, the demand is beginning to put a damper on our resources. Consumer electronics are generally created to only last for so long until they need to be replaced, forcing the customer to keep the market afloat.

    Take cell phones for example. There are almost 6 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Albeit one person can have multiple lines, but that is still 6 billion phones. Now, every couple of years or so these users get a new phone. This growing cycle of cell phone usage has generated the production of over 30 billion cell phones in the past 10 years alone. The resources it takes to produce these cell phones is destroying the natural environment and depleting our energy resources at rates that will drive us to economic disaster.

    In developing countries, tech companies build factories to not only escape US tax laws, but to use the nation’s citizens as cheap labor. Almost all of these companies have completely outsourced all means of production to increase profit margins. Apple, for example, pays less than $5 in labor fees to manufacture an iPhone.

    Cell phones are just one of the main electronic goods that are mass produced around the world and hold little to no environmental benefit. These consumer electronics are deemed necessities in our everyday lives. This is one of the downsides of globalization.